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 NATHALIE BE créatrice design

A vision of decorating

Léonie luminaire design Blanc 
Making its interior a real home from home: this is the approach of the decoration as Nathalie Bernollin. Far from the sanitized standards, so it aspires to welcoming lines in bright, cheerful colors, with furniture that fits both in traditional and contemporary interiors. It creates a timeless and intergenerational universe, in which he always makes good progress

Meaning of matter

 Fabrication artisanale NATHALIE BE
The material is primarily a source of creativity. It must let the imagination wander, opening possible and make real desires. Metal, wood ... these materials are inextinguishable sources of creation.
An idea of the design

An idea of the design

Leonie luminaire design noir 
Nathalie Bernollin, design must tell stories, inspire cravings and bring poetry into the interiors. It therefore creates objects that are beyond their primary function, by providing a scriptural dimension, beyond the ephemeral nature.


NATHALIE BE. Design and colors

This is because it was teeming with ideas that were only waiting to be realized and that it wished to respond to the desires of a lively and cheerful decor, Nathalie Bernollin chose to design and implement its own collections under Nathalie Be brand. : Furniture, lighting, decorative accessories. Nathalie Be. I need regular. A concentrate of freedom, design, creativity, all under a lucky star. Parts unique design and colorful for places in your image!


Raised in a family of craftsmen, painters, Nathalie Bernollin has naturally led to a profession related to the house by becoming an interior designer.
She quickly takes conscious aspirations of its customers, waiting for a more playful and original decoration. After collaborating with major brands fixtures, and she decided to create her own decoration brand: Nathalie Be.